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Something’s Brewing

Posted: March 21st, 2017

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Home baristas (and home baristas hopefuls) listen up! I’m planning to hone in on a theme for my next round of espressoCrazy blogging endeavours with a series of posts about coffee brewing methods and equipment.

Options for how to make a cup of coffee at home – and increasingly how to have it served to you in cafes and restaurants – are myriad. Opinions about the topic are strong and sometimes polarizing. Without a good idea of how and why you like your coffee made, contemplating a choice of one method instead of any other may feel overwhelming and perplexing. Furthermore, if you’re unfamiliar with the range of methods out there, such decisions can seem needlessly and annoyingly nerdy – especially when all you may want to do is make or order a decent cup of coffee that’s reasonably priced and ready to drink in a jiffy.

Through my “Something’s Brewing” series, my aim will be to demystify the process of making coffee so that you will be able to make more informed and tasty choices. I’ll describe the most common ways to brew coffee at home while sharing my firsthand experience having a go with these methods. I’ll consider the pros and cons of each and try to compare them all to each other in

Based on the general knowledge I already have about coffee, I suspect that rather than one brewing method coming out as the absolute best way ever and for always, I’m more likely to discover that an ideal cup of coffee often depends on personal preference and specific circumstance. But we shall see!

I’ll be back soon with my first trial: filter coffee from a drip coffee maker.


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